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CareBag is an assembly kit for a bag entirely made with natural materials: natural felt, olive wood, hemp string.

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Why Carebag?

About us

CARE is our name.
We are a company, founded in 2010 as a spin off of the University of Perugia, Italy

Our mission

To make easier to be green is our mission.

What we do

To share and disseminate our educational message for the environment with our green products is what we do.



Make your own bag! It is not just a bag, but a container of good practices and environmental sensibility.


It is easy to assemble, easy to carry, simple and beautiful as the nature surrounding us


The main features of CareBag are: Eco-sustainability, Do It Yourself, Customization, Educational value.


Our project is planet-friendly. However, we cannot avoid shipping your bag. We will compensate the CO2 emissions due to shipping with the planting of trees: one CareBag means one tree!


CareBag is a socially responsible product: people fromcommunities or associations involved with socially useful works will assemble the bag for you. We can help who needs help!

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